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An up-and-coming actress, model and voice-over artist, Krystal Lynn has been seen from roles in theatre as Narrator of The Vagina Monologues, on television as a co-host and reporter, to award-winning independent films. She has trained with industry leaders in journalism and for acting, such as Lori Wyman and The Burt Reynolds Institute for Film & Theatre. Short independent horror film, Night Terrors, in which she played lead role, Samantha, won the Miami Indie Film Club Best Film Award (2013), and feature film, Taste It, in which she played a supporting role, won the Indie Fest Award of Merit (2012). Most recently she's been seen as a principal actress in an upcoming Netflix series, featured on FOX Sports Florida, an improvisation comedienne for Mardi Gras Casino, and a dancer for musical performer Bret Michaels. She’s also been a model in national and international campaigns, including for SnorgTees.com and leading worldwide photography brands, Broncolor and Westcott. Krystal Lynn is an ardent leader of communication, and a spirited and tenacious young businesswoman of marketing, management and sales expertise. She’s an animal rights activist and environmentalist, a Big Brothers Big Sisters mentor, and a patient volunteer of the SPEAK Network of global company AbbVie alongside Sofía Vergara to advocate, educate and raise awareness of hypothyroid conditions. Her favorite pastimes include aeronautic and aquatic sports, especially while traveling abroad. In addition to adventure and philanthropy, she has passion for dance and music, to be fluent in Spanish, and to expand her knowledge about health and wellness, and entrepreneurial endeavors. Krystal Lynn embodies a forthcoming professional establishing a dynamic platform to advance a career as an originator and prominent personality of the entertainment world. She's looking forward to work in the next Emmy Award feature opposite Meryl Streep!

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#2 10/31/13 Posted:
Edel's photo
Edel - IL, USA:
you have a charming girl next door beauty -simple unassuming beauty
I hope that is truly you
I pray that you will never go the way of the fallen angels of Hollywood
and if you do, I’ll never forgive you
#1 12/14/11 Posted:
ragjr7's photo
ragjr7 - USA:
:5'7" (170.2 cm)
:26" (66 cm)
:8 (41.0 EU)
:37" (94 cm)
:34" (86.4 cm)

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