Plus Member Benefits

Explore Modeling's Plus Members receive some of the best value services available to people interested in the modeling industry, hands down. Below is a summary of those benefits.

Get Featured on the Homepage!

Plus members are randomly featured on the Explore Modeling homepage.

My Profile

Every member receives their own profile page where they can upload photos, videos, and other personal information. But - as a Plus Member, your Profile has moxy:

Personalized Profile! - Plus Members can hide the Explore Modeling header, footer and navigation on their own profile page. It's like having your own private website to showcase your work!

100 Portfolio Photos - Plus Members can upload up to 100 high resolution photos into their profile.

10 Videos - Plus Members can upload up to 10 videos into their profile.

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My Comp Card

Every EM member can use the My Comp Card tool to create their own digital comp cards. Plus Members get some very important benefits in this area:

Create 5 Digital Comp Cards - Plus Members can create up to 5 digital comp cards, to display in their online profile and print as needed.

Print Comp Cards at Home - Plus Members can print their comp cards using their own printer at home - a very economical way to keep your cards up to date.

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My Agency Directory

Only Plus Members can use the power of their My Directory to network in the modeling industry. Key benefits:

Contact Agencies - Plus Members can use the My Directory area to send their digital profile and comp card to Agencies and Casting Directors all over the world.

Print Mailing Labels - Print out mailing labels for the almost 2,000 Agencies and Casting Directors in the directory database.

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Ask Cristina

Only Plus members can post their questions about modeling and the modeling industry within the 'Ask Cristina' section. Cristina DeHart has over 15 years experience working as a professional model, and she answers posted questions on a regular basis. go to 'Ask Cristina' now

Online Castings

All members can submit themselves to one of EM's exclusive castings, but Plus Members enjoy these advantages:

Plus Member Spotlight - Plus Members are continuously displayed at the top of every Casting - a great way to receive additional exposure to the casting client, who will make the final selections.

Direct Submit to the Casting Client - Plus Members can also send one direct submit email to the casting client (which includes their digital comp card, their stats, and a link to their online profile page) for up-close, personal consideration.

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hajinder - Australia:
Hi this is hajinder can u plz tell once we become member with you do we have to pay to agency as well when we sending them email and compo card.