Alex Bruno Almqvist
My name is Alex and im a 24 year old Swedish guy that works as an freelance model and Professional musician, I had the luck to work with talented photographers in countries/Cities like Vietnam,Thailand,Dubai,London,Sweden

With me you get a real hard working model with professionalism as my top priority.
Im always working to look my best and get my modeling to an higher level and get more exposure for my look around the world, And i try to learn from photographers and production companies about the industry as much as i can on the way.

Im a very dedicated model with a discipline thats Rock solid, I know my goals and they will be meet no matter what and i gotten very good words from both agencies and Photographers i worked with for my fast understanding and professional attitude. I never believed in taking a 1000 pictures and end up with 5 good ones instead i always do my best and aim to hit the posses needed on as little time and pictures possible.


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:5'8" (172.7 cm)
:29" (73.7 cm)
:7 (40.0 EU)
:15" (38.1 cm)
:29" (73.7 cm)
:46" (116.8 cm)

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