Cassandra Bankson
San Francisco, CA
Cassandra Bankson, 19,was born and raised in the San Fransisco Bay Area and since a young age, has always had a passion for helping others. During middle and high school, she developed severe acne that engulfed 85%-90% of her face, and the reticule from other peers and classmates influenced her to leave public school to pursue private study. During this time, she became completely antisocial, distancing herself from peers, family, and friends due to her acne insecurities. She would do homework, pet her cats, and research youtube makeup videos all day long, resulting in graduation 2 years ahead of her class. Cassandra learned how to cover her sever acne with cosmetics, allowing her to create a "Flawless Foundation Routine". Through this discovery, she was able to become a successful runway and lifestyle model, and made it her mission to help others with makeup, confidence, acne and other skin conditions. Taking to Youtube as a Beauty Guru under the user-name "Diamondsandheels14", she began creating daily Youube videos to help others with makeup, acne and other embarrassing problems. Now, over 36 million views later, she is exposing all of her secrets, tips and tricks to the world, and living her dream of helping others with their insecurities, one Youtube Video at a time.

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#25 04/24/14 Posted:
Madeline's photo
Madeline - Chicago, IL, USA:
Cassandra I have been voting for you in the EM magazine contest. Gorgeous pictures you have and beautiful statement. I do not know if you read this post on your voting page that I had written. :) I voted for you #713! Is the amazing awesome youtube star, my twitter buddy, and runway model Cassandra! I am so honored to compete with you in this Casting! I am a huge fan of yours and will give you a vote for sure darling! Is the contest for Spring cleanses oneself photo contest on Twitter still on? I have a picture of my cucumbers, lemon, mint for the liver, and also Neti Pot for sinus cleansing to post soon on Twitter and share with you! I wish you so much luck gorgeous! Please Vote Back Cassandra! I will appreciate it very much!:)
#24 03/30/14 Posted:
Jameela's photo
Jameela - Canada:
Hey Cassandra! I've been watching you for a while now and you inspired me to get into the world of modeling and fashion! Please check out my profile, courtesy of your encouragement :3 xo
#23 03/28/14 Posted:
Patricia's photo
Patricia - London, United Kingdom:
Hi, your videos in youtube are an inspiration; what is more they are great help. It has given me courage to do things I would have never done before... like stop hiding underneath a tone of dark clothes.

I have done something silly... a profile here just because of you, all your 'fault' :D
#22 03/25/14 Posted:
Justice's photo
Justice - Los Angeles, CA, USA:
Hey Cassandra!! I just want to start off by thanking you for being transparent and honestly beautiful from the inside out:) Girls today really need role models like you so keep up the good work! It would mean so much to me to win the E.L.F cosmetics competition(that way I also get to meet you) your vote would be much appreciated.
#21 03/11/14 Posted:
Mary M's photo
Mary M
Mary M:
You're beautiful! Hope to meet you!
#20 03/08/14 Posted:
Idang's photo
Idang - Belleuve, WA, USA:
Hi Cassandra! Thank you for the YouTube video on how to take the perfect selfie for the e.l.f cosmetic casting. I'm so grateful for this opportunity and would be so thrilled if chosen. Please vote for me. Thank you! :)
#19 02/24/14 Posted:
Talia's photo
Talia - VA, USA:
Hey Cassandra you are honestly the most inpirational person ever. And i watched your video and was inspired to aspire as a model. can you please vote for me?
#18 02/10/14 Posted:
Estefania's photo
Estefania - CA, USA:
Your're very beautiful inside and out! I joined because of you're video :) can you please vote for me?
#17 02/08/14 Posted:
Vennessa's photo
Vennessa - NY, USA:
you are truly beautiful and i like your personal statement very possitive, vote for me and i will do the same for you.
#16 02/06/14 Posted:
Mariel's photo
Mariel - IL, USA:
Hello Cassandra, I saw your video for this e.l.f campaign and I decided to enter, it would be a honor and I would really appreciate of you would vote for me. below is my link. Thank you very much!
#15 02/04/14 Posted:
Amber W's photo
Amber W
Amber W:
You are a truly beautiful person inside and out! Thank you for inspiring me. If you would vote for me, I'd really appreciate. Thank you. <3
#14 02/03/14 Posted:
Katherine's photo
Katherine - NY, USA:
Cassandra! You are such an inspiration for me! I am just starting out as a model and I am so glad I found EM. PLEASE vote for me it would mean so much :)
#13 02/03/14 Posted:
Robin's photo
Makeup Artist
Robin - Marietta, IL, USA:
Cassie, you have inspired me to step out and do the unthinkable!!! lol Model? Me? I am 5.8 280 lbs, was born without part of my left arm which at almost age 50 has still left me with so many insecurities! You have Made me want to take a chance somewhere in the world someone might take a chance on me!! Why not? miracles Never cease THANK YOU FOR YOUR INSPIRATION BEAUTY....YOU ARE CASSANDRA INSIDE AND OUT...BLESS YOU!
#12 02/02/14 Posted:
Meggie's photo
Meggie - United Kingdom:
Hello :) , you are so beautiful and inspiring for me, your advice has helped me so much here is my profile
And my entrant one
#11 02/02/14 Posted:
Tanisha's photo
Tanisha - Canada:
Hey Cassandra! I'd just like to say that I love you and your videos so much and you've inspired me to do this contest. I think it's an amazing opportunity and I'd like to thank you for sharing this with us!! I look up to you so much and I think your beautiful!! I watch every one of you videos and they help me so much. Here is my link to the contest I hope you take a look at it and vote for me thank you so much<3
#10 02/02/14 Posted:
Victoria's photo
Victoria - Norwood, MA, USA:
Hey Cassandra! So I just saw your video and I entered the contest. Would you be able to vote for me?

Can you vote for me?

Thank you SO much! <3
#9 02/01/14 Posted:
Karyssa D's photo
Karyssa D
Karyssa D:
by the way, this is the link to vote for me:

It would mean so much! :)
#8 02/01/14 Posted:
Karyssa D's photo
Karyssa D
Karyssa D:
Hi Cassandra! I love your videos so much, and they have really helped me a lot! You are so beautiful and inspiring <3 I just wanted to say thank you so so so much for this chance to represent e.l.f. cosmetics. I know that I probably wont win, but like you said, the worst that could happen is that they say no. But, thanks so much, and it would mean the world to me if you voted for me! thanks again. :)
#7 02/01/14 Posted:
Alicia's photo
Alicia - NM, USA:
Hey Cassandra, this is totally a great opportunity for me!! I watch a lot of your videos and i just wanna say, your a big inspiration to me, and to other people! i have been dealing with the same problem since i was 11, But luckily i found someone like you to help me cover all of that up and now i feel so confident hehe:) Anyways, can you please vote for me? it would totally mean the world to me! thank you!!
#6 02/01/14 Posted:
Maria's photo
Maria - CA, USA:
Hey Cassandra your such an inspiration ! I deal with acne too and it's getting better . Vote for me please !
#5 02/01/14 Posted:
Marta's photo
Marta - los angeles, CA, USA:
Thnks so much for this great opportunity i want to start on modeling love photo shoots.. Vote for me please
#4 02/02/14 Posted:
Kat's photo
Kat - Austin, TX, USA:
Quote: Kat posted on: 02/01/14
Hey Cass! I just watched your youtube video, and I got so excited! You have shown me that anyone and everyone is beautiful, including me! I just signed up and was hoping you could vote for me! (: You are stunning- in these pictures and in every single on of your videos! Thank you for everything that you do!
Here' my link! Thank you so much!
#3 02/01/14 Posted:
Kat's photo
Kat - Austin, TX, USA:
Hey Cass! I just watched your youtube video, and I got so excited! You have shown me that anyone and everyone is beautiful, including me! I just signed up and was hoping you could vote for me! (: You are stunning- in these pictures and in every single on of your videos! Thank you for everything that you do!
#2 02/01/14 Posted:
Rosalie's photo
Rosalie - Canada:
Hey Cassandra, thank you so much for creating this contest! I am a model who recently signed with an agency, this is a great opportunity for me :) I've been watching your videos for years! Your portfolio is amazing, I hope to be as great as you one day!!!!!!
#1 09/09/12 Posted:
Christina's photo
Christina - CA, USA:
you are amazing<3<3
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