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My Profile is a free way to showcase your photos, videos, work, and experience.

  • upload photos up to 5,000 kilobytes each!

  • create, save, and print your own high quality digital comp cards

  • send your digital comp card and profile by email and postal mail to agencies anywhere and everywhere!
Explore Modeling's profile is pretty much like every other online profile out there, except for 1 HUGE DIFFERENCE:
  • the profile you create on Explore Modeling can be used to create high quality comp cards as well as market yourself to a database of agencies and casting directors.
EM's My Profile is the cornerstone of a powerful marketing tool for models. The photos you upload into your Profile can be used in the My Comp Card section where you can create, tailor, and manage your own professional comp cards at your own convenience, so it is important to upload the highest quality photos you have available. The My Directory section then allows you to mass market yourself to agencies and casting directors around the world.

But - we are getting ahead of ourselves...My profile has some unique features you should be aware of:
  • URL: you have your own personal profile address
  • VISIBILITY: you can choose to either display your profile to the public, or hide it from view
  • AGE: you can hide your age if you wish
  • MESSAGES: people that visit your profile can send you email messages directly to your personal email account
  • SPOTLIGHT: you can indicate whether or not you would like to be considered for your own feature spot on the EM homepage
Put all your personal and physical information into the About Me section. Describe in detail your work and training history in the Experience section. Upload and save super large photos, up to 5,000 kilobytes each, in the Photos section. And finally, if you have one, upload a video of yourself.

Once you have 1) uploaded all your photos and 2) completed all the required personal information in the About Me section, you can continue on to My Comp Card to use your super huge portfolio photos in the "Comp Card Designer" which allows you to easily create your own high-resolution composite cards.

You can then save and print your comp card at home, or you can order professional prints. Finally, you can then proceed to My Directory to send your composite card and a your profile URL address by email and postal mail to agencies around the world.


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Roy's photo
Roy - RI, USA:
I'm a new member, an art/glamour photographer and am curious about filling the My Profile section. It appears to be more suited for models. Still I'd like to offer my portfolio services and show samples of my portrait work, especially body painting combined with vintage clothing. I'd also like to be able to access your comp card services for the models I work with. Did I join the wrong group? Need help. Roy (vagabond portfolios, LLC Rhode Island)
Hayley's photo
Hayley - United Kingdom:
I can't click on any of the links for my profile or comp cards etc it just opens a window stating bad request. Why is this?