My Directory: Market Yourself

My Directory allows you to email and postal mail your comp card and profile page to agencies, casting directors, and your own personal contacts.

  • send your comp card and profile URL by email and postal mail to agencies
An efficient marketing tool for models.

Once you have setup your profile and created a primary comp card, you are ready to get started in My Directory.

It is very simple use. Using the search box at the top of the page, run a search to find the Agencies and Casting Directors you want to market yourself to. You can search by Country, Region, State, City, or even for a specific contact name or type.

Once you have your search results, simple check the boxes for the Agencies/Directors that you want to send your comp card and portfolio to. You can send it by email and/or postal mail. Keep in mind: your search results may have multiple pages that you need to look through.

When you have completed all your checks, click the pink buttons "send emails now" or "send postal now" to send out your comp card and portfolio to those contacts!

That's how easy it is to market yourself to agencies and casting directors!

Another important feature of My Directory is called "My Address Book". You can find the link for it near the top of the page under My Directory. This allows you to add your own personal contacts, and then email or postal mail your comp card and portfolio to them as well.

If you already have your own comp card prints at home, and you want to mail them to agencies yourself, you can also download and print mailing labels for all the agencies/directors that you want to send postal mail to.

Explore Modeling provides the most effective set of marketing tools for models on the internet today!


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